ECOPRA ESPAÑA Manufacturer/Distributor

The ECOLOGIC COMBURATOR ECOPRA consists of various components which once interconnected in a vehicle constitutes a COMBURATOR, a unique system of water doping compatible with all type of termo-motors. It adapts to cars, vans, trucks, tractors, generators and boats.

Two of the most outstanding characteristics of the COMBURATOR are of great ECOLOGIC and ECONOMIC interest.

ECOLOGIC for eliminating between 70% and 90% of the harmful opacity particles in the exhaust emissions of the diesel motor, reduce the CO2 emissions between 10% and 40%,  reduce the NOX 35%, improving considerably the air quality of our cities and around all roads in general, reducing as well the usual foul smell of exhaust fumes.

ECONOMIC for, apart from eliminating the opacity particules between 70% to 90%, it also reduces the CO2 emissions and which proportionally correspond to the fuel saving. In normal temperatures such saving amounts from 10% to 40% depending on the age of the vehicle and the way of driving. Generally more old is the truck or the autobus or the cars, more you will feel the efficiency of the COMBURATOR. For temperature below zero, in freezing weather, and with the water deposit closed, the saving would be around 10%.


ECOPRA SPAIN grants a guarantee of 2 years on all components of the Ecological Comburator in case of defects of fabrication.

THE ECOLOGIC COMBURATOR ECOPRA is completely reversible. If you plan to change your car, you can call us in Spain 0034 952 47 52 50. We dismount the old Comburator, repair it if it is possible or install a new one.

The price of such operation would be between 90,-€ and 2.400,-€ depending on the complexity of the work.

Price list VAT not included:

Cars and vans, models of 40-45mm,-----------1197,90 €

                                     50-55mm,-----------1560,90 €

                                     60-75mm,-----------2165,90 €

Trucks, tractors, agricultural machines, generators, models: 80-100mm,--------2407,90 €

                                                                                 110-120mm,---------3133,90 €

                                                                                 125-130mm,---------3859,90 €

Boats, subject to special quotes for one engine V6, V8, V12 with 2 air intakes:

                                                                     80-100mm,------------4815,80 €

                                                                    110-120mm,-----------6267,80 €

                                                                    125-130mm,-----------7719,80 €

Please apply for instructions from to receive an ORDER FORM together with a GUARANTEE FROM, which include instructions for payment.

On signing the Form of Order and Guarantee and within the following 8 days to make the order effective, the buyer must pay 100% of the established price with VAT as per the instructions on the Order Form. It is important for the buyer to leave sufficient identification details with all personal data and contact numbers for telephone and e-mail. In Spain, between the payment and the installation, 21 to 60 days can pass. On arrival of the product from the factory, Ecopra España will notify the buyer to the contacts numbers he has left to this effect, in order to agree on a date and place for the installation of the Comburator. The buyer is obliged to: 1) ascertain that the exhaust tube is in good condition for the installation of the Comburator 2) that the boot is empty to facilitate the installation of the water deposit.





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